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1. Automobile Accessories & Spares (AAS)
Major growth from acquisition of manufacturing plants of Automotive drive train components & drive trains. We today supply OEM to major automotive companies across the globe.

The company has grown over the years through both organic and inorganic growths. The automotive group within the company today not only works as OEM supplier but also has the distinction of having a highly rated and one of the largest vehicle crash testing facility anywhere. ...
2. Bathroom Fixtures & General Furnishings(F&F)
Ventured into manufacturing of bathroom accessories by aquisition of manufacturing unit in 2005. Today supplies as OEM to many esteemed companies. Products includes Shower panels, Bathroom fittings, etc.

Started trading of home furnishings in 2006 and thereafter ventured into manufacturing by aquisition of a company in 2007...
3. Industrial Water Purification (Waters)
Industrial Water purification division:Established in 2007.

Specializes in water equipments such as automatic / manual brush filters ( Y type, F type, vertical) , Automatic Manual Suction Filter , RO filter system, Ultra filter system, UV sterilizers and electric scalers.
4. Information Technology (IT)
Business Systems started as a small IT service provider in 1999.

Expanded into networking WAN, LAN etc, in 2001.
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